Friday, September 28, 2012

Week 9 - September 25th 2012

Mackenzie was able to send this letter through mission ties before he left the MTC. He called us on Wednesday morning from Brazil to say that he had arrived to his mission safely and that he was happy to be there.
Entao, hoje e meu ultimo dia no CTM! Eu estou muito animado para sair amanha! (Translation…So, today is my last day at the MTC! I'm very excited to go out tomorrow!) OK, back to English. Sometimes it is just easier to write in Portuguese and speak. Just because those are just everyday needs. Tomorrow I leave for Goiania! So excited can’t even explain! Finally going out to do work!

So today we went proselyting for the 2nd time. Really awesome! We went into the best part of Sao Paulo! In the dead center of the city. It’s nicer and cleaner there. Me and Elder Miller gave out 8 copies of the Book of Mormon! And 7 of those 8 we felt pretty good! We started off with 5 for each companionship. And I brought along the one that Mom bought me. Sorry Mom I didn’t have a need for it. I received a paperback tripe here and I bought a nicer leather back triple from the temple distribution center. But think of this, someone could be reading that Book of Mormon right now! And I know which one it is because it didn’t have a proselyting sticker in it with a number to call if they had more questions. We gave it to a woman with 2 awesome dogs, her name was Margarita. And when we were explaining that it was another testament of Jesus Christ, her face brightened up and she was like really? So I hope all is good and she trys to read. And while on the bus back Elder Miller and Elder Luschin did work and basically gave a guy a lesson and a Book of Mormon. That’s right that’s my comp!

Oh so speaking of Elder Luschin, his dad is the architect of the Rome Temple. So Christopher, you will enjoy that. If Luschin doesn’t pop up, his title might which is Ebengruth or something like that. So ya, cool fact!

Umm, next week’s e-mail will have more information of address, new companion, and my whatsup from Goiania. I’m chill with a couple of districts who are younger and I’m giving them this to bring to Mr. Cheney’s (the cookie place across from the MTC) tomorrow.

So everyone I love you. Hope you all had a good week and will have another good week till I shoot off a new e-mail. Oh and by the way Dad, I got the letter with my patriarchal blessing today. Thank you so much. Love you all.

Con amor,
Elder Mackenzie Sant

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