Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 7 - September 11th 2012

alright E Aí de São Paulo Brasil!!

Formeza?? oh wait shouldnt say that its slang ish haha. Tudo Bem?? there we go. ummm ya im gonna say the same thing i have said every email since like the 3rd week. nothing has really happened here... gahhhhh. sorry if these are getting boring at all. im not out in the field yet and i want to be so that something is actually happening.

quick note about São paulo. they have the most private helicopters out of any city in the world. so you have little ones flying around and then you have the really nice ones flying around. and i have seen some nice helicopters because about every 20 to 40 minutes you here a wop wop wop wop. or see one flying across the sky. and some of the little ones are super loud. sounds like a pave low is landing or something.

umm this week i finished the book of mormon through and through. i started around the 2nd week in here and i finished on sunday. first time that i have read it through and through instead of reading till like jacob then slowing down then getting to alma and really slowing down. i dont know why because alma is amazing. then after alma is helaman which is even better. and dad when you were quoting helaman in your letter today i knew exactly what you were talking about because i love that book. and then after is 3rd nephi which is the cookie dough in the cookie dough ice cream (which i miss a lot!!!) the 3 nephites are amazing. then 4th nephi and then AN DEN!!! ill just say that whole thing is amazing because it is.

speaking of ice cream. for the independence day of brasil we had amazing food. and the only time that i have had ice cream while i have been here. its a different kind of ice cream but it tastes amazing!!! best desert ever since everything else is usually a soggy cake haha. during lunch we all had the brasil national anthem on a piece of paper and we all stood and sang it. if i havent said already their national anthem trumps ours by far. its pretty legit!! i like singing it. we sing it every sunday night at the start of the devocionals.

ummm today at the temple, missionaries from the são paolo sul mission were there and i was falando. wow im leaving that haha. im typing brasiliamerican right now. i was talking to a american who has been out a year and he says that i am speaking pretty good portuguese for only being a missionary for eight weeks. and he gave me a dragonball z sticker and his comp was like what?! where did you get those haha. missionaries are crazy and awesome haha.

so ya i think thats all i got for this week. tchão!!!

elder mackenzie sant

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