Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 6 - September 4th 2012

ok this week i really need to think of what to write because everything is the same here.  every single day and night and next day and night haha.  whats weird to think is that today would be the day that i would have originally left!!! weird!!!! and i wouldnt be here till tomorrow. ummm so let me think of some stuff that could be exciting.

a big guy here named Fabian gave me one of his ties.  it originally started as a joke like oh cool tie.  and he was like you want.  i was like yeah.  and i was like brinca brinca, i joke i joke basically.  but he was like no serio which is im serious.  so next week he was like eu tenho a gravata.  i have the tie.  i was like serio??? and so he had me follow him to the front of the ctm and he went to his car and got the tie for me.  so i have a tie that has a pretty cool story to it now.

ummm  on sunday we sang Lead Kindly Light.  there were like 14 or 15 of us singing.  and it was a capella.  the beginning sounded amazing but after the first key change it sort of went south.  the basses and baritones were on key but first and second tenor were floating somewhere.  i think they were trying to hard to get to heaven on some of those high notes.  bada chh (drum set).. i know bad joke, thats what you get when your son is going crazy in here haha.  i have the audio recorded but i probably wont send it home since it sounds so horrible haha.

oh another cool thing.  elder richards who isnt my companion but he is a good friend now, he lives in orem.  well he lives on the border of orem and lindon by where that allens used to be.  right where aunt christine used to live.  cuz i was trying to find out where he lives and he said orem and i was like oh my aunt used to live right on the border and there was a grocery store right behind her house and he was like ALlens?  so ya he lives seriously like 2 minutes away.  just go up that street like 3 more streets and turn right.  so ya.  multiple times in my life i have been 2 minutes away from a would be a roomate here in the ctm.... crazy!!!

so apparently yesterday was labor day... wouldnt have known.  eu sou um brasileiro agora!!! i am a brasillian now!!! no but really since they dont have that here and i never knew the dates of labor day or memorial day.  i always felt like they were the same.

im sitting here thinking what to write... ummmmm... ive got nothing descolpa!!!  tenha um boa semana tudo mundo!!!

elder mackenzie sant

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