Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 4 - August 21st 2012

Here is his letter this week. He also sent home some pictures which can be accessed over in the gallery.
so what is this thing called time.  ive already been here a month.  i feel like i flew in to sao paolo yesterday.  no for reals i do.  just another week here.  its really hard to think of stuff to write.  ctm life is good, study study study.  language is coming a long.  i have a written letter coming through mission ties for the the family to read.  little personal parts for everyone to read. ummmm really what do i say. 

we went to the campinas temple again today.  i thought it was just a one time thing, but i guess not.  next week for sure we are going to the sao paolo temple.  luckily it is closer.  going to the campinas means that we get 30 minutes cut from our pday activities that we want to do.  for example eat the pizza that dad bought for me last weekk =).  im excited for that.  the cafeteria food is really just the same thing.  beans and rice almost everymeal, chicken and beef every single day, cooked differently or the same as the day before.  the deserts they have are iffy.  you have to look at them a while before you decide to pick one up.  and breakfast everymorning is paninis.  well more like bread with cheese and some meat.  put some butter on and toss it on the electric panini maker.

i was just talkin to my buddy elder richards and he said i dont know what to write about.  i was like neither do i.  sorry.  4 weeks at the ctm is really just the same stuff.  and i still have 5 more weeks here.  if my emails get shorter and shorter im sorry.

tonight we get to watch president monsons birthday special that they did.  that will be for devotional tonight.

i got an email from my mission president with whats what in goiania. it says no mp3 players at all so i dont know what to do about that.  i guess i will ask more when i am in the field.  it also says in the email that i wont be using a backpack or a normal shoulder bag that we need to buy a professional style business briefcase.  weeeiirrddd.  and he said to wait to buy one till we are in the field.  speaking of the field i just want to be out there already.  time is going fast but i actually want to be out where the lord has called me, doing work, and teaching the gospel.

sorry for the short email this week. love you all!!


elder mackenzie sant

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